Friday, December 17, 2010

Knock Me Down and I Get Back Up

Sandy and I went out for a run today, and in a storm water retention area behind the neighborhood of San Tan Heights, we came across this interesting tree, and for some reason it inspired me to take a picture of it, and use it as the foundation for an entry to my blog.

At first glance this looked like four small trees randomly growing out of the sand, but on closer examination I observed that this was one tree that had been blown over, likely in a windstorm, or was pushed over by high water flows during a heavy rain. It struck me how closely Mother Nature and human nature are guided by the same choices when facing adversity. This tree could have just "cashed in its (wood) chips", and died, but by the survival instinct found both in humanity and in nature, instead it reached for the sun from its new-found horizontal position, and is surviving quite well here in the desert.

Probably what got me thinking about this was the challenge we are facing with the launching of our newly designed website. Right after the launch it appeared that we suffered no adverse affects regarding a loss of our traffic and our position in the SERPS (search engine results pages), but within a couple of days we noticed a substantial drop. After some agonizing days of tweaking the SEO aspects of the site, adding some new content and video, and working on analytics, we are clawing our way back to the position that we have been fortunate to occupy for the last several years. Like the tree, our new website affords us the opportunity to branch out and continue to develop the website bigger, better, and stronger than it was before.

With 2010 coming to a close, I got thinking about a blog entry I made in October of 2008, right when the economy was down, and about to fall even further. At that time I was looking at the markets and comparing numbers so I thought it would be interesting to look back to see where we were then, and where we are now, 2 years later. Also like the tree, we have made some huge strides toward recovery. Sure things could be better. The jobless rate and the housing market being two of the major stumbling blocks of the recovery, especially in the U.S.A., but let's look at what has happened since October, 2008. Being a Canadian (eh), I had used the TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange) as my rough indicator of the economy. Back in the spring of 2008 the markets had begun their decline, and the TSX started to fall from a high of nearly 16,000 points. When I wrote that post, the TSX closed around 9600 that day, and the worst was yet to come, falling to below 8000 in the first quarter of 2009. Today, December 17, 2010, that same TSX index closed at 13,200. That's up 37.5% since that post from October 17, 2008. The other markets have followed a similar pattern. Consumer spending is also up this Christmas season, and other areas of the economy are showing optimistic sentiment as well.

So as we move towards the festive season, and the new year of 2011, I hope I've given you something to think about, and like the tree, I hope you didn't just lie down in the sand and dry up, but that you have looked at being pushed over as a new challenge, and with challenge is opportunity, to reach back up and branch out, bigger and stronger than ever!

We are adding content and videos to the website on a regular basis now, so please check the site often to see what's new.

My son Lyle is coming down for a visit and to spend Christmas with us starting tomorrow so we're looking forward to that. Lyle has partnered up with Sandy to start his own website about his passion, the world of horses, in particular show jumping, so check out his site at

Should I not get a chance to post another blog before the end of the year, have a very Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays), and a Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Off the Computer, on to the Motorcycle!

Last Saturday Sandy and I were joined by a good friend Rob, and Sandy's sister Tammy for a ride on the motorcycles out east of us toward Globe Arizona. The scenery changes that you will see on this short little trip are nothing short of astounding! We leave the low desert here in San Tan Valley (formerly known as a part of Queen Creek), climb a short pass over to Superior, AZ, then up another pass through spectacular red rock canyons and craggy peaks up to the Miami / Globe area, mining towns with cooler temperatures at a considerably higher elevation.

We stopped for lunch in a little Mexican restaurant (excellent food) in Globe, right beside an old west Tavern on the Main Street.

We continued on north of Globe past the Roosevelt Dam and Reservoir. We stopped there for a quick look around to see what this area has to offer.

We then continued on north, where we connected with Highway 87 south of Payson. We then headed back south to one of our favorite stops, Saguaro Lake, and enjoyed a pint of beer before carrying on home to San Tan Valley, through Apache Junction, AZ.
This week has been busy as well, with our good friends Brenda and Adrian coming to stay overnight on Tuesday, so we took the opportunity to have a belated Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner with the gang, and now it's back to work on the website today.

I just posted a new article about electrical wiring diagrams, and Sandy is working on getting some more videos up-loaded to the site.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Exciting Update!

Where does the time go? Since my last post in March of 2010, we went on a sailing charter vacation to the beautiful British Virgin Islands in early April. We then returned to our home in Arizona where we had more friends and family come to visit. Then we packed up and left Arizona, bound for Victoria, British Columbia in late April, stayed on Vancouver Island for May and June, took another week long charter sailing vacation around the coastal islands and the Sunshine coast off the mainland north of Vancouver. Then we travelled back to our summer home in Alberta in late June, flew back to Las Vegas for a week long website SEO and marketing seminar, finished up with a few days at our home in Arizona, then returned to Alberta in early July, where we settled down for the rest of the summer until we migrated back to our Arizona home in Early October. Whew! Looking back, I guess we've been fairly busy!

To get a better summary of our travels, check out Sandy's blog (it needs some updating too!), at

Last spring we attended a Meetup in Phoenix, with SEO Optimization and Website Marketing Guru, Roy Reyer. We were very impressed with his presentation and the information provided, so we decided to sign up for the week long course in Las Vegas that I mentioned earlier. We also asked Roy if we could hire him for a personal consultation on the challenges that we have faced with on our website,

Our site has been on the internet since back in 1997, and was built using the now obsolete web development software, Frontpage. To make a long story short, we've been a bit handcuffed by this issue and that has resulted in a fairly stagnant website in the past months.

Our meeting with Roy spawned a partnership on our website, and a plan of action for re-designing our site using WordPress, and a marketing plan was put in to motion. The first step was to design and build the new site, and the management of that project was charged to David Evans, one of Roy's consultants on his team.

That brings us to the exciting part of this post.......the new website was launched on Saturday, November 27, and is now up and running! Check out the great new look at View the introductory video, and sign up for our newsletter, and receive a FREE copy of my new e-book, "Wiring Secrets of the Internet Electrician". Now you can look forward to many new informative articles, posts, and videos, and if you don't see what you are looking for, send me a suggestion for new content at

Friday, March 26, 2010

Let’s open up that wall. That should be easy!

The following is an article I submitted to another website as part of an application process to be a "Guest Writer" . I was rejected so I thought I might as well post it as a blog entry.

After much discussion on how to achieve a more open feel to your main living area, you and your better half decide that the easiest way to accomplish this would be to create a large opening in the wall between the kitchen and your formal dining room. Just think how much of a difference that will make, and really, how hard can that be?

You consult your neighbour, the journeyman carpenter, and determine that the wall is not a load bearing wall. You obtain the correct permits from the local building authority, and you’re ready to start first thing Saturday morning.

Up bright and early, you’re ready to start. You mark out the proposed rough opening and start removing wall board beginning at the top. Using a plethora of tools, from a utility knife to a reciprocating saw, the renovation begins! Off comes the drywall in a messy, dusty heap on the floor. Things couldn’t be working out better! Your 60” wide passageway is taking shape right before your eyes, and then, you spot your problem. About 36” off the floor you see a cable running through the studs right across your opening. Upon further inspection you discover an electrical outlet on either side of your opening on the other side of the wall. Now what! What are the options?

After a few calls to several local electrical contractors, and leaving messages for them to call you back, it’s off to the computer room to check online for some answers. You find a great website for electrical help, and learn that as long as you have a reasonable skill level, a healthy respect for electricity, and that your local building authority will issue a Homeowners’ Electrical Permit, there’s no reason that you can’t tackle this project yourself.

Monday morning you get the appropriate permit in place, and on the advice you received online, you first ensure that the power to this particular circuit is switched off at the service entrance panel by turning off the correct breaker, you have checked the outlets on either side of the opening and they are indeed dead. You remove the faceplates and the device screws on each of the receptacles and discover that each receptacle has two 2-wire cables entering each box, and both receptacles have five wires attached to them: two black wires; two white wires; and a bare ground. The cable in the wall opening is running between the two receptacles. Removing the cable will break the circuit so it needs to remain in the equation. The cable has to be disconnected and removed from each of the device boxes. Fortunately the receptacles are only one stud space over from your new opening on either side, so fishing in a new, longer piece of wire between them is not that difficult. Sizing up the situation, you determine that you can run a new, longer cable up and over your new opening with a few simple modifications to the original plan. You reinstall the new cable into both boxes and reconnect all the wires properly, and now the project can move forward as planned!

You’ve learned a valuable lesson. Check for all potential problems that could be encountered, even in the most simple of projects. Look for any clues, such as electrical outlets, or plumbing fixtures beside, above or below the proposed renovation area. This would have allowed you to prepare in advance, and may have affected the entire renovation plan had the issue been a more difficult one to resolve.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The “New Improved” Basics of Household Wiring DVD

Recently I was able to check out the new edition of the Basics of Household Wiring DVD, so I will share my review of the product with you, our Clients and followers of my blog and our website at

We have endorsed this product for a number of years now, but the most recent edition includes about 30 minutes of additional information, including 3 and 4-way switches, light fixtures, etc.
Sandy and I had the pleasure of meeting with the producers of the DVD during our last stay in the Phoenix area, and it was nice to put faces to the names of the people that we have worked with via e-mail and telephone calls over the last several years.
I have always considered this an excellent resource and we have sold many copies of the DVD and have received only positive reviews from our customers and clients. This new edition is just that much better with the additional information provided. The intent of providing an educational over-view of the home electrical systems and components for the novice or the DIY’er has been achieved. The DVD provides excellent descriptions, and easy to understand dynamic graphics and pictures.
The DVD is also very careful to emphasise the dangers of electricity, and the importance of safety and following the proper safe work practices before working on your homes electrical system, and any applicable process that must be followed, such as permits.
Before tackling any home electrical project, we at strongly recommend that you get a copy of the DVD, and watch it from start to finish. It is 86 minutes of time well spent. Click on the link below to get your copy today!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kudos from a former Contractor!

In my last post I talked about installing the pool light for our built in spa addition to the backyard pool in Arizona. After taking possession of our new house on December 8, and moving in on December 16, 2009, we wanted to get started on the back yard as soon as possible.

We met with a landscaping contractor in early December to open discussion on some changes we would like to see in our back yard. Nothing major, but the discussion was around designing a more tropical theme, and getting rid of some real grass to reduce ongoing maintenance requirements.

Also knowing that our time in Arizona will be in the fall and winter, we wanted to have our pool heated to allow us to actually use it rather than just look at it during the months that we will be there. Most of pools in the area are not heated (in fact some install chiller units) and only are used in the spring and summer months.

Another factor for Sandy and I was the almost mandatory requirement of having a hot tub or spa for the chilly desert nights. We've haven't been without one in all of our time together (16 years) and I even have a portable spa that comes with us on our travels, so to us this was an essential addition that needed to happen as well.

All this being said, it was decided that the best plan was to remove the grassy area and replace some of it with artificial turf, incorporating a golf putting green, adding some palm trees, fix up the existing outdoor cooking / bar area, and instead of an above ground portable hot tub, we would build in a spa in the corner of the pool and tie it in to the existing pool plumbing and at the same time install and connect a pool heater to the entire system.

For me this meant that I needed to connect all the new equipment (spa jet pump, pool heater, landscape lighting, power for the cooking area, new spa light), and modifying the control strategy to make this all work. The renovations happened so fast and efficiently that unfortunately I didn't have time to document and film or take photo's of the electrical component of this project as it would have made a great article for the website! With my parents visiting as well, I barely had time to get the work done to keep the project on course.

Anyhow, the point of this posting is to commend Chris, Kevin, and the entire crew on a job well done, in a timely, efficient manner, and most impressive, on budget!

Work began on the morning of December 21, with Christmas looming large at the end of the week. By the end of day 1, the grass was removed, the putting green was laid down, the hole for the spa was dug, and the dirt and sod that they piled on the street was hauled away and the street was swept up.

The second day of work included installation of the re bar cage for the spa and preparation for the plumbing. The next day saw the completion of the plumbing including connection of the spa jet pump, the pool heater, and a pressure test to check the new plumbing for leaks.
My point is that the project moved forward incredibly fast, and considering that Christmas and New Years Holidays were in this time period as well, the entire project was done and complete and we were swimming in the pool and enjoying the new-look back yard by January 15, 2010.
My hat is off to Chris, Kevin, and the entire crew of sub-contractors for a job well done. Not only did I discover a great resource for any landscaping or pool maintenance / installation needs, I also gained some new good friends! I would, will, and have recommended these guys to anybody in need some work of this type done for them in the Valley area! Feel free to e-mail my if you would like more details or contact information for these guys.

Anyhow, I am starting to embrace the social networking component of the Internet, and we're trying to integrate everything so they work together for our followers of I have established an account with twitter, so you can follow my tweets at I have a link on the blog to keep you updated as well. Until next time...;

Terry Peterman
The Internet Electrician.