Monday, February 07, 2011

Viva Mexico!

We're here in lovely Bucerias, Nayarit, Mexico for the 3rd February in a row. The weather started out very unseasonably cool, but has come back closer to normal now.

One challenge that Mexico can present is the unreliability of some of the creature comforts, like wifi service at our condo. This results in us trudging down a large hill with laptop in tow, to sit at Jo Jo's Cafe.

Blog-off #2
E-local's second Blog-off question is out and the comments have been published. This one was about the design trends for 2011, and our thoughts on where things are going. See the thread here.

Answer to the question on previous post.
I had numerous responses to my picture with some questionable electrical wiring, and I published a few of them. The answer was C, and Susan hit it right on the nose. I was in Calgary last summer, and spotted this mess on a sign can in Calgary Alberta! Shame on that mess! It looked to me like Mex-electrical and that's why I took the picture. What were the odds that someone else reading my blog noticed the same rat's nest? Way to go Susan!

Mex-electrical #2

I will be doing a post dedicated to Mex-electrial, and have been busy gathering video and pictures. Here's a sample thus far.

This is an open pony panel on the way up the steps to a sports bar here in Bucerias. It's about eye level, and easily reachable by anyone wanting to stick in their fingers, children and adults alike.
Hopefully our internet service will be restored at the condo soon so we can get back to some more regular posting to the website, and here on the blog.
We'll see if manyana ever comes!